Event Etiquette: Tips on Being A Great Attendee

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In business, wherever you go, how you conduct yourself is a reflection on both you and your company — whether large and corporate or small and your own. An out-in-the-open, casual conversation with a close coworker bears the same amount of weight as a presentation to executives. So, when it comes to attending networking and launch events, there are rules that should be followed no matter what title is tacked to your office door.

Here are a few etiquette recommendations professionals should abide at a sales event, late-night product launch, networking event, and beyond.

Don’t be too late.

While some events invite passers through during an open or flexible time range, other events have a stricter run of show that might require a presentation, speech, or unveiling. Treat every event like it has a strict run of show and show up at a reasonable time. No matter the case, it’s rude to arrive when someone is in the middle of speaking. You’ll miss the messaging (the reason why you attended!) and could potentially distract the speaker.

Dress the part.

Hopefully, professionals know that it’s probably not smart to wear a pair of jeans to a gala. If an event calls for a certain setting, dress the part. If you’re attending a conservative meeting, look sharp and dress professionally. If you’re attending a cocktail hour, go for a trendier ensemble that’s equal parts laid back and thought out.

Allow for tipping.

Some may find it tacky for bartenders to display a tip jar atop the bar during a private event. Bartenders, servers, bus people, and caterers work long hours (on their feet) to provide others with the enjoyment of an event. So, for the planners, allow the bartenders to have a jar. For the attendees, tip whether there’s a tip jar or not. (It might help you to the front of the line for your next drink.)

Offer a coat or bag check.

Ever been stuck lugging around your wool coat or umbrella at an event? It’s awkward. Always have some sort of coat or bag check no matter what time of year. A check isn’t necessary for coats only. They can be used for any type of bag and umbrellas too. Nobody wants to carry around their gym bag at an event. If there is no bag check and an attendee leaves it on the floor, you certainly don’t want it there as an eye sore.

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