Alexa and Echo Devices: The Differences and How They Help Event Planners

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Person daydreaming: Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a devise that played music, controlled features of the home, spouted off information, news, weather, and whatever else you asked.

Reality talking: Hey, person. This kind of thing already exists in the form of Amazon’s Echo devices — and that “person” spouting off important and random facts: that would be the super smart, Alexa. (Or whatever else you want to call her…or him.)

About the Echo products.

Amazon currently offers five different Echo devices ranging from $49-$229.99. The Dot will fit in just about any room in the house. The Echo Plus has a built in smart home hub. And the Echo Show has a 7” screen for visuals. They all have Alexa and they’re all lifesavers for the digitally savvy.

What can Alexa do?

Alexa may be Amazon’s digital assistant, but she’s also a home’s best friend, a family’s personal assistant, and a party’s entertainment. She’ll tell you the news, a joke, she even drum rolls.

Alexa, or whatever other name you want to call her, works with smart home devices like lights, switches, TVs, thermostats. She’ll turn them on, off, and even adjust the settings. She’ll set you up with an Uber ride, alert you of any traffic jams on your commute, and do your shopping. (Yeah, pizza ordering, too.)

How can event profs benefit?

Alexa most definitely comes in handy when planning events, too.

Have an outdoor event? Ask Alexa the weather first thing in the morning, and then remind her to tell you every hour.

Need to schedule client meetings? Do it with Alexa — she’ll sync with your Google calendar. Add a meeting to your books or ask her to remind you of one a couple days in advance.

Planning a dinner party? Bring an Echo and use them as speakers for the party. Then ask Alexa to figure out the playlist — because you’re probably busy dealing with some other emergency. (Ah, event planning.)

Creating an event budget? Ask Alexa to do all the hard math problems so you don’t have to.

Need a last-minute event prop? Alexa will help you find it and send for delivery the next day. (Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime?)

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