6 Tips for Running a Corporate Silent Disco Event

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Tired of boring corporate events that have people picking their noses (kidding), rolling their eyes, and talking to fellow department colleagues. If you’re looking to break the ice and corporate barriers and bring some excitement to the table, thinking outside the box is a must for corporate events.

So many times, we plan the same event over and over. Newsflash: Professionals don’t want to sit in a hotel ballroom with no windows sipping canned beer and cheap wine. So, if you’re looking to inject a little liveliness into your events, consider a silent disco.

Here are some tips to make it successful.

Establish the goals.

If morale needs to be boosted, you’re seeking more engagement, or need a memorable moment that people will remember, you’re in the right place. A silent disco can loosen a crowd up in a heartbeat.

Consider the time of day.

A silent disco might not be appropriate at 9AM or even right after lunch when people are feeling a little full and less motivated. Happy hour is a great time — or any time you know that a group will be ready for anything.

Expect hesitation.

Some grown adults might be a little apprehensive to the idea of dancing around with their professional peers and that’s completely normal. By breaking them from the stigma, you will have succeeded.

Plan for the hesitation.

Have a couple coworkers who are down for anything? Approach them with your idea of a silent disco and ask them to hit the dance floor first. This will encourage others to join in.

Ease them in.

Start your silent disco with a different activity before the dance party — or skip the dance party all together. If you get the group warmed up with a silly activity over the headphones, it’ll make them more apt to participating in the dance portion. If you know this isn’t a group for a dance party, silent disco can be used in so many different ways. (See our blog for other posts!)

Match the location with the occasion.

Like we said, no one wants to spend endless hours in a hotel ballroom for a corporate meeting. If you’re throwing a silent disco, the venue should match the occasion. Consider a rooftop, exclusive club outside of operating hours, or dance studio for this type of event.

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