5 Ice Breaker Ideas at a Sales Meeting

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Fact: Companies hold too many meetings. But for many companies, annual sales or marketing meetings are crucial to the success of their business. Reps from all over the country, and sometimes globe, are briefed on new products and given access to meet with the corporate team, teams go over numbers, and employees set goals and objectives for the future.

But, along with all that comes a little fun, too. There are usually happy hours, opening and closing parties, team building exercises, and social activities to acquaint team members old and new. For the newbies or even reps who don’t see each other often, it might be tough to get to each other and feel comfortable around people you see once a year.

Enter ice-breaking activities. They help employees get to know one another, become the start of friendships, set the tone for a meeting, and so much more.

Check out some icebreaker ideas we think your employees might like.


You remember, the game you used to play as a kid. Well, it’s just as funny — maybe funnier — playing as an adult. The first person whispers to the next in line. When sharing the message, you can only say it once. And then message begins to take shape.

Word Association

Break off into small groups for this one. Ask each member to shout out the first word that comes to mind when you mention a list of words. Words could include work, family, the city the meeting is located, Marketing department, etc.

First Job

Each person writes down the title and place of their first job on a small piece of paper. Collect them and distribute each paper to someone new. The group then has to figure out who held that job. This can also be done with the car they own, a celebrity each person has met, etc.

Silent Disco

Action, music, dancing. Not your typical icebreaker, right? That’s why it’s perfect. A silent disco brings people together in a way that no other icebreaker can. As everyone is dancing to the beat of their headphones, bonds will definitely be made. How can you not connect with others when you’re all in a group silently dancing? It’s icebreaker magic.

Speed Networking

Yup, it’s just what you’re thinking. Speed networking is speed dating for professionals. Set a three-minute time limit and ask employees to talk to someone they haven’t before. Ask everyone to find two things they have in common with the other person. Do this 5-10 times. Hey, someone might just find a date out of it.

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