The Perfect Team-Building Activities

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Feeling like your team or company is hitting a slump? Need to boost morale among employees? Or are you just that fun boss who offers activities outside the office as a way of bonding?

Team building activities have proven to be beneficial, and even critical, for the success of a company. When bonds are formed among employees, it creates a positive and flourishing environment. It’s always fun to want to go to work. So, if you’re a manager, make sure you’re making every effort to create that type of atmosphere. Because it’s not going to create itself.

If you’ve already tried trust falls (who hasn’t?), check out these fun team-building activities for your group.

Anything outdoors

Remember how excited you were when the teacher suggested you take class outside? There’s something amazing about fresh air, and outdoor team-building activities tend to bring an element of enthusiasm that indoor activities just don’t have. Your outing could be as simple as an afternoon baseball game, an outdoor concert, or apple picking.

Dare-devil excursions

If you’ve got a team of thrill seekers, take things to the next level with a livin’-on-the-edge outing. If you’ve always wanted to skydive, seize the moment. Or if that’s a little out of your league, try indoor skydiving where things are bit more controlled.

Silent bonding

Need an out-of-the-box idea to unify your team? Try a silent disco. You might think it’s hard to bond while no one is talking, but that’s exactly what does the bonding. How can you not be personally tied to your coworker when losing your inhibitions, miming, and performing hysterical dance moves.


Tons of companies hold annual communities days as a way to give back. News flash: Doing good and giving back also bonds people together. Whether it’s cleaning up a park, visiting a nursing home, or mentoring less-fortunate children, you’re killing two birds with one stone here and that’s smart.

Scavenger hunt

A little competition never hurt anybody. Scavenger hunts create fast-paced, high-energy situations where teams have no choice but to work together to win. And it helps that laughter almost always ensues. Create your own or hire a company to organize it for you.

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