5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco At a Launch Party

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These days, launch parties are pretty competitive. It seems that brands need to top the other in which can throw the most creative and innovative event. Think about it: the more creative the launch, the more the consumer will remember it… and hopefully, tell their friends. Makes sense.

Every occasion presents an opportunity for innovation and what better format to present a “wow moment” than at a launch party. Invitees to a launch party are usually the trendy, influential set, which is the perfect audience for a silent disco. You know, that group of people who are willing to try something new and different.

Here are the reasons why a silent disco will make your launch party unforgettable.

Take it to the next level.

As the DJ to play a warm-up set. (One that might be slower than what will be played over the headphones). Wait until your event is at capacity and everyone is having a good time, then break out the silent disco. It’ll create a surprise factor that no one was expecting.

Make it engaging.

Immersing someone in a unique experience is the ultimate goal when connecting with a consumer. A silent disco is immersion at its finest if you’re launching a new album, premiering a movie, or even presenting a new yoga product. Introduce whatever you’re launching over the headphones that let the consumer experience it firsthand.

Break the ice.

Throwing a more intimate launch event and need a way to warm people up? Just like a speaker opening up with a joke or a group of people sharing a crazy fact about themselves, silent discos are the perfect icebreakers to make people feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable setting.

No presentation needed.

If you don’t want to push a storyline on people or bore them with a presentation, you don’t have to. Throw your launch party with more subtle messaging and invite attendees to enjoy themselves with festive signature drinks, whacky photo contests, party favors, and a silent disco. When attendees feel no pressure, they’re bound to have a blast.

Invest in the experience.

In order to create a memorable experience, sometimes you have to spend money. But luckily, a silent disco is super affordable. You don’t need ice sculptures, celebrity appearances, and massive build-outs to stand out. Showing you care and investing in the experience definitely hits the heartstrings of consumers and is more budget-conscious (bonus!).

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