Why You Should Have An Instagram Wall At Your Next Silent Disco

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What is an Instagram wall? It’s a photo-friendly wall that provides a creative, eye-catching backdrop for people to take photos and post on social media. And it’s quickly becoming an event-planning best practice.

A note before we actually begin: These fancy “walls” could really be called a social media wall, but since Instagram is so damn popular, this is how many refer to it. So, we’re going to call it that, too.

These days, it’s all about the photo opp. Give event attendees a reason to take a selfie. A beautiful interpretation of your message instead of something in the face. Something vibrant and fun that’s inspiring and impactful.

Here is why you should plan an Instagram photo wall into your next silent disco event — or any event for that matter.

Creates a message without saying anything.

Most photo walls are an artistic expression of the message you’re trying to promote. This is way better than any step and repeat or in-your-face branding at the bar. It’s subtle, eye-catching and creates engagement. What more could you ask for?

Provides consistency.

As a planner, the last thing you want is a bunch of party pics floating around social media with dull backgrounds or zero messaging. (A party parent’s basement could’ve achieved that.) One impactful backdrop will create a consistency in messaging that captivate attendees. After all, that is the goal…for people to walk away from your event remembering why they came.

Ups your creativity cred.

A couple things to remember when creating an Instagram wall. Make it powerful and give it some punch. Oh, and the more creative the better. The more stunning the wall, the more engagement you’ll get. Tip: Commission a local artist (or a super creative friend) to create something that stands out.

Give a reason to post.

Remember the days when all you had to do was create a hashtag for an event and watch people post away? Yeah, not anymore. Now, you need to give attendees a reason to post – and that could be creating a highly-visual photo opp moment that wows. If your tiny little budget is scaring you away from something like this, remember posts from a photo wall will help cast a wider net to reach people who weren’t present at your event.

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