10 Realistic Party Rental Ideas for Events

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Previously, we wrote about extravagant rental ideas for events. You know, the over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime kind of rental ideas that make or break your career or life. After dreaming about renting the White House and planning birthday parties on the French Riviera, we decided to get practical and share some rental ideas that are more realistic.

Event professionals usually have a checklist of essential rentals for every event, including the venue, A/V equipment, music, food, and beverages. Once these basics are sorted, it’s time to evaluate your budget for décor and experiential elements that set your event apart from the rest.

Here are 10 rental ideas we think are worth the rent.

1. Anything in the Pantone Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year in 2023 is “Viva Magenta.” This annual selection by Pantone sets a trend in the world of design and fashion. Fashion brands clamor to sell collections around the coveted hue each year, but the color also becomes relevant among elements of décor. Utilizing this in your event can help attract attention and keep your event stylish and contemporary.

2. Oval Tables

Tired of renting the same old six- or eight-seater tables for your events? Whether it’s square, rectangular, or circular tables, renting the same thing over and over can become boring. Consider trying oval tables, which offer a modern shape for dining, meetings, and more. Their unique shape promotes a fresh perspective, making them an excellent choice for various occasions.

3. Mix-and-Match Elements

Adding thoughtful décor that’s on trend with interior design is the perfect way to appeal to an influential audience and make a great impression on guests. For a boho chic vibe, use Aztec rugs under dinner tables with mismatched Moroccan pillows as seat cushions. Or you can go sophisticated and ultra-trendy by renting anything with a palm tree pattern.

4. Food Trucks


Food trucks have now become one of the most exciting party ideas for events. They have a specialized menu, and unique truck exteriors bring a distinct décor element. Go hipster with a farm-to-pizza offering, or keep things fun with an organic ice cream and alcohol-infused sorbet truck. Collaborate with the food truck to prepare food in advance or create apps so guests can fill it out before standing in line.

5. Customizable Photo Booth

Instead of having everyone take pictures on their phones, rent a custom photo booth. This creates a fun and engaging experience for guests that they can instantly share on their social media platforms, providing additional promotion for your event. We will put a custom logo embedded on every picture,video, and GIF captured at your event to leave an impression on all of your guests! From weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and trade shows, renting our photo booths adds a touch of entertainment and creativity that ensures everyone leaves with a lasting memento and a smile on their face.

6. Vintage Furniture Sets

For a touch of nostalgia, a vintage furniture set rental can add a nostalgic charm to the look and feel of your event. These pieces can include everything from rustic wooden tables and chairs to vintage bar carts and trunks that evoke a classic feel. A vintage furniture set also creates plenty of Instagrammable spots, adding to the social media buzz for your event.

7. LED Lighting Installations

image2 1

Lighting can make a dramatic difference in setting the mood for an event. Consider renting LED installations or light-up furniture. These can be programmed to change colors throughout the evening, providing dynamic visual interest and adding to the overall ambiance.

8. Greenery and Plant Walls

Creating a healthy, refreshing atmosphere can be essential for some events. In such situations, renting greenery like plant walls or large indoor trees are ideal party ideas. Not only do they transform the space visually, but they also help improve air quality and create a calming, natural environment.

9. Pop-Up Art Installations

Incorporate a visual “wow” factor into your event with rented pop-up art installations. Tailored to your event’s theme, these rental installations can serve as intriguing conversation starters and a unique photography backdrop. Its presence also contributes to a dynamic, stimulating environment that inspires creativity and keeps guests engaged throughout the event.

10. Silent Disco Headphones

Bring a unique twist to your event with silent disco headphones. This innovative rental idea enhances personal sound experiences and circumvents any venue noise restrictions. Attendees can even switch between music genres or event-specific audio feeds. With such a unique feature, your event is bound to be entertaining and memorable.

What Factors Influence Renting Items for Events?

Event planning is not just about picking the most appealing or cost-effective options. Several factors come into play when deciding on what items to rent.

Event type and purpose are major determinants, as different events will naturally require different rental items. For instance, a gala will need a different range of items compared to a corporate team-building outing. 

Rental decisions should also consider the audience demographic. A youthful audience might appreciate modern and edgy party ideas, while an older one may favor a traditional, elegant atmosphere. 

Last but not least, your budget plays a defining role in what you can rent, highlighting the need for smart budget allocation and cost-effective choices.

How Do I Choose the Right Rental Items?

Rentals can significantly influence the atmosphere of the event, guest experience, and overall success of the occasion. To make the right choices, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your event’s theme, needs, and venue specifics.

Understanding the Core Theme


Every event has a core theme or style influencing all other aspects, including the rental items. If you plan a classic black-tie event, elegant and formal rentals will align better with the theme. In contrast, a casual outdoor summer event might benefit from rustic, eco-friendly, or bohemian-style rentals. Themed events like a Gatsby-inspired party or a Hawaiian Luau would require specific rentals that bring that theme to life.

Aligning with Event Needs

Beyond the theme, it’s crucial to consider the event’s needs when sourcing rentals. This involves a careful examination of various factors. What type of event are you holding? Is it a corporate event, a wedding, or a casual social gathering? Each of these events necessitates different types of rental.

The size and anticipated number of people also influence rental decisions. Larger events typically require more substantial quantities and different types of rental equipment, like staging equipment, marquees, large sound systems, and appropriate outdoor lighting. Smaller events can focus more on detail-oriented items like unique centerpieces, themed decorations, and ambient lighting.

Considering Weather and Venue Specifics

If your event is planned outdoors, seasonal weather predictions must be factored in. Marquees or tent rentals could be a wise decision to shield against unpredictable weather. For indoor events, take into account the size and layout of the venue. The room’s dimensions and structural features can help determine the type of décor and setups that can be accommodated.

Specific venue restrictions may also influence your rental choices. Some locations may have restrictions on the type of installations allowed, noise levels, or even the types of food and beverage servers. Ensuring your rental choices adhere to these guidelines will prevent last-minute adjustments and hassles.

How Can Proper Planning Optimize Your Rental Choices?

image3 1

Proper planning is the key to optimizing your rental choices. Formulating a strategy and timeline for rentals can prevent unnecessary stress and help ensure a successful event. Preparing for possible last-minute scenarios also lets you avoid unexpected cost overruns.

Timeline for Rental Decisions

Having a well-defined timeline for rental decisions can significantly streamline the event planning process. As soon as your event’s date, location, and expected attendance are confirmed, begin putting together a list of necessary rental items. Prioritize the most significant or hard-to-acquire items first, such as unique pieces, large-scale equipment, or items from high-demand suppliers. This early approach to securing the essential rentals gives you the flexibility to make changes if needed and prevents any last-minute rushes.

Last-Minute Rental Tips

Despite the best planning efforts, there can always be last-minute hiccups in the event planning process that may require quick rental adjustments. Perhaps your selected venue doesn’t have a certain essential item, an expected piece breaks down, or your guest list suddenly expands. These situations call for swift action. Knowing a trusted rental company that accommodates last-minute requests or having a list of versatile items that can be used in multiple scenarios is crucial. A contingency plan in your rental strategy can save you from unforeseen problems.

Transform Events with Realistic Party Rental

Choosing the right rental ideas for events can be the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary experience. From understanding the essentials of an event’s theme to being aware of its specific needs, practical and informed rental decisions infuse life into any gathering.

The 10 party rental ideas we’ve explored offer innovative and practical ways to enhance an event’s appeal. Not just fulfilling a functional role, these meticulously chosen items shape the event’s atmosphere, heighten guest engagement, and create unforgettable experiences.

These party ideas for special events serve as a guide for event planners to navigate the complex web of choices. With a purposeful approach and creative thought, your rental choices can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

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