Realistic Rental Ideas for Events

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Previously, we wrote about extravagant rental ideas for events. You know, the over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime kind of rentals that make or break your career, or just life in general. After a week of dreaming about renting the White House and planning birthday parties on the French Riviera, we came to our senses and thought it’d be helpful to share some rental ideas that are a little bit more realistic.

We’ve already covered that event profs typically have a checklist of rentals needed for every event: renting a venue, A/V, music, food, and beverage. After that, it’s time to assess your budget to see what time of money you have to spend on décor and experiential elements that make your event stand out from the rest.

Here are some rental ideas we think are worth the rent.

Anything in the Pantone Color of the Year

Purple reigned in 2018 as the color Violet touched every single trend as the Pantone Color of the Year. As always, fashion brands clamor to sell collections around the coveted hue each year, but the color also becomes relevant among elements of décor. Event planners who leverage the Pantone Color of the Year in party rentals are super smart. Since most consumers see the color everywhere else, they’re bound to be drawn to something purple-shaded or themed at an event.

Oval Tables

Sick of renting the same old 6-or-8-seater for events? Whether the table is a square, rectangular, or circle, renting the same thing over and over again can become boring. Event profs, let us introduce you to the oval table. This table provides a new, modern shape for dining experiences, meetings, and more.

Mix-and-Match Elements

Events always need personal touches. Adding thoughtful décor that’s on trend with interior design is the perfect way to appeal to an influential audience and make a great impression on guests. For a boho chic vibe, use Aztec rugs under dinner tables with mismatched Moroccan pillows as seat cushions. Or go sophisticated and/or ultra-trendy by renting anything with a palm-tree pattern. (So hot right now.)

Food Trucks

If food is a top priority for your event, consider a food truck. Trucks allow for a specialized menu and unique truck exteriors bring a distinct décor element. Go hipster with a farm-to-pizza offering or keep things fun with an organic ice cream and alcohol-infused sorbet truck. Work with the truck to prepare food in advance or create apps so guests fill up before standing in line at the truck.

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