The Benefits of An Experiential Event

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If we know anything about event planning, it’s that it’s all in the experience. And, live events and experiential marketing campaigns are a great way to educate, entertain, and inform consumers on a product. As with Party Headphones, consumers need to touch, feel, and experience a product before it grabs their attention.

It’s typically a brand’s dream to be able to create environments where users could physically interact with the product in person before purchasing it. (If only every brand has unlimited budgets.) But if you do have some mula and are introducing a product or collection to the market, consider an experiential event.

Here is why we like them so much:

Direct Interaction
Being able to put to demonstrate the performance of a product in front of a physical customer is extremely beneficial to a brand. It gives them a chance to see a consumer’s emotional reaction and direct, honest feedback right away. (It’s not just beneficial, it’s priceless!)

Authentic Conversation
An experiential event gives brands a chance to connect with people and persuade them to share their experiences with their friends and family. If the experience is created in a unique way, consumers will start talking about. And with the right hashtag or incentive to share, your event will create a ripple effect (see pretty conceptual image above) — and maybe go viral.

It’s More Creative
Why spend budgets on ineffective mailers or local magazine ads that no one sees anyway? An experiential event or marketing campaign gives consumers the ability to think about a product differently. You’re not going to get the eyeroll and chuck-in-the-trash reaction that a direct mailer will give. You’ll get double takes and people stopping to see what’s going on. And that’s exactly what you want.

Traditional Advertising No More
When was the last time you watched a TV commercial or opted in to “learn more” on a banner ad. Brands are getting very creative in how they reach consumers and there is no better way to do it than in-person interaction Especially in high-traffic areas in metropolitan cities. Sometimes an experiential guerilla marketing campaign can be more effective as a TV advertisement.

Feel Special Inside
When brands take the time to interact and hear from people directly, it means something. It means that a brand care about its customers and what they think. And it showcases that consumers have a voice in the way product is created. After all, if you’re going to make it big, you’ve got to keep the consumer happy. So why not talk to them directly?

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