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Gift giving can be super stressful. And on the flip side, it can also be very easy. (We prefer easy, always.) Some people prefer a gift that’s nicely wrapped in a beautiful box with a ribbon tied around it. Others prefer experiences. Some people are really easy to shop for. Others are not.

While a Party Headphones rental might not be for everyone on the planet, it definitely appeals to a TON of them. ‘Tis the season for gift giving, so why not gift a party in your ears that no one hears. Party Headphones.

Who likes Party Headphones

If you have a friend or relative like someone on this list, you’re going to score points with this gift.

Someone who…

  1. Loves to party.
  2. Loves to dance.
  3. Is really good at dancing.
  4. Loves competition.
  5. Loves music.
  6. Is outgoing and loves attention.
  7. Is a show off.
  8. Is a natural host or hostess.
  9. Loves to put a unique twist on anything.
  10. Is super skilled at getting any party started.

Reasons why Party Headphones product is legit.

  1. We don’t do difficult. Renting is really easy.
  2. You’re getting professional-grade, premium wireless headphones.
  3. Our shipping cases are tough and durable. And, they deliver beautiful, pristine product directly to your door.
  4. We’ll be your best friend from afar during setup and execution. We’ve got a really great remote customer service team.
  5. We’ve worked with the best — global brands like Pepsi, Google, and Spotify. And they were happy with us.

No matter where you are, setting up a silent disco is simple. All you have to do is:

1. Order online for your friend, son, daughter, coworker, anyone.
Request a quote online. If you see what you like, confirm your reservation and put down a 50% deposit or pay in full for the person you want to gift.

2. Wait for arrival
The day before an event, we’ll have Party Headphones delivered to your friend’s door.

3. Party on
Your special friend can do whatever it is they want with their sets (within reason) and we’ll support them remotely to ensure everything goes to plan.

4. Send back
They pack it up and ship it back. We send a pre-paid shipping label, so they don’t have to scarf up the dough.

Party Headphones

Party Headphones

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