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Party Headphones Affiliates

We are excited to announce that Party Headphone’s has just launched the very first, industry-exclusive, Silent Disco Affiliate Program!

This means you can now get paid to share your love and excitement for our products and services with friends, family, clients, or strangers on the internet. And the best part, is you’re not limited to just silent disco equipment.


What is a Party Headphones Affiliate?

As a Party Headphones Affiliate, you are essentially like an advertiser for our company. You’ll be able to provide recommendations to customers and visitors about all of our services.

“Wait, I already recommend Party Headphones, so why should I sign up as an affiliate?”

Great question!

We know our clients LOVE what we have to offer, and the word spreads quickly once someone has experienced what it’s like to work with us.

The only difference now, is you get paid for all the business you refer to us!

How to Sign Up as a Party Headphones Affiliate

Signing up for our affiliate referral program is dead simple. First, you’ll register for a free account. Once we have approved your registration, you’ll be given a link to your affiliate dashboard. In your dashboard, you’ll be given a custom referral link, which you can share with others. Anyone who visits your link within 30-days and makes a purchase will be automatically tracked and credited to your account.

Earning Money with Party Headphones

Earning money as a Party Headphones Affiliate is easy. Just sign up, get your link, and share it with people you know! Whenever someone clicks on your link to visit our site, you’ll get paid for a portion of their entire order, with no limits whatsoever.

We pay 10% for all purchases made on our site. And not just Silent Disco Equipment! You’ll get paid for ANY purchase made from our site, including future products (coming soon).

In addition to purchases, you’ll automatically be eligible for our tiered affiliate program for event rentals. Once launched, you’ll be eligible to earn 10-20% on every rental you refer that books their event with us.

How Much Can I Make?

No caps. Unlimited income.


Sounds good right?

While there are no limits, there are also no guarantees as to how much money you will make. But if you have a good network of people you already refer to us for business, chances are you’ll see some pretty great numbers.

The more qualified business you refer, the more money you will make.

Ready To Join?

We thought you might be interested.

For more info, answers to your questions, and steps to join, visit the link below.

Join Party Headphones Affiliate Referral Program Today!

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