Apple TV+’s WeCrashed works with Party Headphones to produce Silent Disco

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Party Headphones WeCrashed Silent Disco

Local Tucson company shines bright in the first TV series produced by Apple TV+.  Created by Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crivello, WeCrashed is an eight-episode illustration of the rise and fall of WeWork’s CEO, Adam Neumann. Billed as an innovative co-working startup, Adam Neumann’s vision included real estate dominance and employee manipulation.  Fantasizing about world domination, Neumann used his charismatic and persuasive charter to fuel a belief that we’re all better when we’re a part of something bigger.  In less than 10 years, WeWork’s valuation grew to over $47 billion and Neumann’s addiction to attention manifested in the now infamous employee-mandated WeWork retreats, the extravagant employee parties, and the no-expense-spared company-wide entertainment.

You can see a quick clip of the huge Silent Disco Party from 0:30-0:33!

Helping to bring one of their biggest parties to life on the screen was Tucson-based Party Headphones. The Silent Disco equipment provider supplies equipment party rentals nationally across the US and Canada and sells silent disco headphones internationally. Operating as the largest and most well-recognized brand in the industry, they support over 100 events a month across North America. The company specializes in providing everything needed to host small and large headphone activities such as corporate gatherings, church events, university parties, school activities, drive-ins, DJ battles, private parties, group tours, yoga and fitness classes, listening parties, bar crawls, museum tours, group workouts, and the application range keeps growing. Recently they have additionally expanded into offering clients a full range of event supplies including photo booths, lighting, fog machines, projectors, battery systems, and much more.

The scene is featured in episode three from 14:00-18:15. It starts featuring Jared Leto’s character Adam Newman and Anne Hathaway’s character Rebekah Newman prepping for the party. They enter the Silent Disco opening up to show an enormous extravagant party with Young Blood by the band The Naked and Famous rocking away. Both characters dance away having a blast, enjoy a few drinks and then the scene moves into a close-up on both of them. Rebekah takes off her headset to talk to Adam and the music (just like at a real Silent Disco) cuts out giving the audience a full experience. After talking for a few minutes Rebekah decided she had to leave the event to which Adam says “It is bad luck to leave a Silent Disco!” – which is absolutely true. She lovingly tells him he should stay and puts his headphones back on as the music cuts back in and the dancing resumes.

Party Headphones is delighted to have had the opportunity to support helping to bring the scene to life for this show. They have been featured in numerous other mainstream television shows and movies including:

Dave on Hulu

Actor Travis Bennet playing character “Elz” DJs for a private event while sulking from relationship issues that are resolved during the Silent Disco.

Read more about Party Headphone’s collaboration with Dave and the official trailer via this link!

Atypical on Netflix

Actor Keir Gilchrist playing character “Sam Gardner” who is on the autism spectrum, is the centerpiece of a Silent Disco school dance set up so he can join without distraction.

Learn about A-Typical and how Party Headphones can be a great tool for those who are on the autism spectrum.

Meet the Flocka’s on We-TV

Tammy Rivera And Waka Flocka join forces with Da Brat for Tammy’s private listening party to demo her to be released album to a private crowd of 200 VIP’s

Learn all about Silent Listening Parties and how Party Headphones helped to make this one a success!

Brooklyn 99 on Netflix

Actor Terry Crews tries out Party Headphones’ old-school style Silent Disco Headphones in a hilarious flashback memory.

brooklyn 99
Terry Crews is always a good laugh, especially when he is trying to figure out what the heck a Silent Disco is.

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