39 Killer Songs to Play at your Halloween Silent Disco

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Halloween Silent Disco

Gather around party enthusiasts and thrill-seekers for the spookiest season of the year is upon us once again! As Halloween creeps in, it’s time to prepare for a celebration like no other.

Whether you’re hosting a haunted house party or going on a solo dance under the moonlight, the right soundtrack is crucial. For these chilling October nights, we’ve brewed up a captivating collection of 39 songs, perfect for adding an eerie ambiance to any ghoulish gatherings.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your festivities this Halloween, why not consider hosting a silent disco soirée? Halloween is a time of year when everyone can express who they want to be, which is perfect for a silent disco! Guests can switch between channels to choose their preferred genre or vibe, ensuring that every ghost and goblin finds their groove.

To host your own silent disco, you will need the ultimate Halloween party songs. Party Headphones have put together their top 39 Halloween hits to get you started. Do not fear—this list is filled entirely with treats, no tricks!

Halloween Silent Disco

39 Killer Songs to Play at your Halloween Silent Disco

1. “Thriller” - Michael Jackson (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)

There is no better way to start the Halloween party with a classic such as “Thriller.” Starting with a remixed version of the famous hit can send the message to your party guests that this will be a Halloween party like never before.

2. “Monster Mash” - Bobby Boris Pickett

Everyone knows this is one of the best Halloween songs of all time. You might as well get this song out to your crowd quickly for guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

3. “Somebody’s Watching Me” - Rockwell

This spooky theme song will fill the room with paranoia and skepticism. Its haunting rhythms and eerie lyrics create an ambiance of playful tension, sending chills down the spines of your guests.

4. “Ghostbusters” - Ray Parker Jr.

You cannot have a Halloween party playlist without this song. Almost everyone has at least seen the movie or heard the song, so turn up the volume! Its catchy beat and playful lyrics bring a sense of lighthearted eeriness, sparking nostalgic joy.

5. “Superstition” - Stevie Wonder

This song will surely bring out the disco in everyone because, after all, this is a silent disco! Its bouncy rhythm and catchy lyrics will draw out the funk in all attendees as they channel their own versions of disco vampires and bogey ghosts.

6. “Howl” - Florence and the Machine

Does your Halloween party playlist need some indie rock? Of course, it does! Not only does its title resonate with haunting Halloween vibes, but its powerful notes will also amplify the mysterious energy of your gathering.

7. “Heads Will Roll” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The perfect high-energy track to get everyone moving and partying! The pulsating beats and tempo of the song trigger an adrenaline rush, ensuring an unforgettable night of celebration.

8. “Bad Guy” - Billie Eilish

A modern, edgy hit with a haunting melody in the background makes this a perfect Halloween song. This recent chartbuster combines the thrill of edgy pop with the spectral aura fitting for your spooky party playlist.

9. “Night Crawling” - Miley Cyrus

Transform your Halloween soirée into a creepy fun-house by playing this spectacular track. Like the name of the song, the ghostly beats and nocturnal rhythms will give you a spine-crawling feeling.

10. “Levitating” - Dua Lipa

The perfect blend of pop and disco, this song promises to levitate the spirits of your attendees. Its infectious rhythm and high-energy vibes are an absolute necessity for any Halloween playlist aiming to strike a balance between spooky and exhilarating.

11. “I Put a Spell on You” - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

A spooky theme song to slow down the party and bring out everyone’s zombie-like moves. Unravel the sorcery of Halloween with this enchanting addition to your playlist.

12. “Bones” - Imagine Dragons

Fueled by its potent lyrics and raw energy, it makes for an ideal candidate for a Halloween-themed bash, encouraging a night of intense, unhindered celebration. Channel the stark atmosphere of Halloween with this song.

13. “Psycho Killer” - Talking Heads

Introduce an element of hair-raising suspense to your playlist with this unnerving yet addictive track. Its dramatic tune and chilling lyrics will have guests looking over their shoulders.

14. “Running Up That Hill” - Kate Bush

A throwback hit that has topped the charts in 2022. With its alluring melody and chilling lyrics, it will stir a sense of restless anticipation in your guests. It truly does not get any stranger than this.

15. “Disturbia” - Rihanna

This song will add some eeriness to the party and bring out the moves from the shadows. Its captivating beats will mesmerize party-goers, setting the tone for a night of wicked revelry and spine-tingling fun.

16. “Heathens” - Twenty one pilots

An edgy song with some great beat drops! The thrilling intensity of the song will seize the dance floor, driving the party to new heights of excitement.

17. “Radioactive” - Imagine Dragons

An edgier choice that will provide some alternative rock to the Halloween party. This track sends comforting shivers down the spine. Its dark, simmering intensity adds a dynamic dimension to your playlist, making it a must for any horror-night festivity.

18. “Shake It Off” - Taylor Swift

Can you really have a party playlist without Taylor Swift? This irresistible chartbuster will charm your guests with its sunny rhythm and catchy lyrics, offering a delightful respite from the otherwise spooky atmosphere.

19. “Toxic” - Britney Spears

A pop sensation that will spread some sassy dance moves at your Halloween party. Its rhythmic beats, coupled with Halloween’s chilling atmosphere, make it a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

20. “Midnight City” - M83

For your Halloween party to really hit its stride, this enrapturing tune is an absolute necessity. The hypnotic rhythm and the sultry inclinations of the melody will transport guests to a mystic nighttime cityscape.

21. “Blinding Lights” - The Weeknd

Add a shot of luminous vibrancy to your party with this unstoppable chart-stormer. Renowned for injecting an unprecedented rush of high energy, this song is an indisputable must-listen for your silent disco.

22. “Addams Groove” - MC Hammer

One of the theme songs from the classic The Addams Family Halloween show will surely be added to the playlist, right? Its bone-chilling tune and delightfully spooky rhythm will resonate with every guest, evoking a nostalgic blend of childhood memories and eerie fun.

23. “Dark Horse” - Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

Make your Halloween bash “cooler” with this brooding track full of dramatic crescendos and pounding drops that craft an ambiance of otherworldly suspense. Its surreal aura perfectly encapsulates the essence of Halloween—a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

24. “People Are Strange” - The Doors

Perfect mysterious song to have at a Halloween party where costumes make everyone a stranger. Its peculiar lyrics and captivating melody personify Halloween—a night when the strange becomes normal.

25. “This Is Halloween” - Marilyn Manson

When Halloween is the title of a song, you should probably have it in your playlist. Its delightfully spooky tune and chilling lyrics perfectly encapsulate the unconventional charm of all things Halloween.

26. “Nightmare on My Street” - DJ Jazzy & The Fresh Prince

Cue some old-school cool into your Halloween bash with this hip-hop-hunting masterpiece. Its rhythmic tune and entertaining lyrics create a light-hearted atmosphere that enthralls all.

27. “Bring Me to Life” - Evanescence

Rock the stage with this heart-thumping anthem. The roaring guitar riffs and powerful lyrics will stimulate the crowd’s inner rockstars, inspiring headbangs and air guitars to match the tune’s fiery spirit.

28. “Ghost” - Ava Max

Uptempo party-rock anthem that will be a great addition to the party playlist. The song has infectious beats and captivating lyrical storytelling that will seduce your guests to the dance floor.

29. “Wolves” - Selena Gomez, Marshmello

When Marshmello is featured in a song, it’s hard to resist adding the record to your party playlist. With hauntingly beautiful lyrics and mellow tones, it creates an irresistible magnetic pull toward the dance floor, making it a great inclusion in your party playlist.

30. “Uptown Funk” - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Light up your Halloween dance floor with this universally loved rhythm monster! “Uptown Funk” has contagious beats and peppy lyrics that lift spirits and encourage even the most reluctant dancers to showcase their funky moves.

31. “I Gotta Feeling” - The Black Eyed Peas

This evergreen party starter always gets the crowd moving! The addictive rhythm and uplifting lyrics keep the energy high all night long, promoting an unstoppable wave of dancing and laughter.

32. “Maneater” - Nelly Furtado

An edgier choice that will be a great song for the outcasts in the crowd. The song has an enigmatic tune and cryptic lyrics that will inspire a thrilling sense of not-belonging, beautifully mirroring the distinctive allure of your bewilderingly costumed guests.

33. “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” - Michael Jackson

You can’t have too much Michael Jackson in a Halloween party playlist. The iconic rhythms and magical allure of Michael Jackson breathe life into any party, making everyone sway and twirl to the captivating beat.

34. “Enter Sandman” - Metallica

One of the best Halloween songs to get everyone singing their lungs out! This heavy metal behemoth promises a high-octane shot of Halloween terror. Its hell-raising riffs and screeching vocals inspire a compelling sing-along that resonates with the Halloween’s spectral soul.

35. “Black Widow” - Iggy Azalea

This fun track will keep the moves going on your party playlist. Addictive beats and colloquial lyrics keep everyone engaged, enhancing your festive playlist’s dynamic variety.

36. “Black Magic Woman” - Fleetwood Mac

A stroke of soulful magic interspersed with haunting beats, this song is an ideal fit for the deadly aura of Halloween. Its passionate notes bring out the magic in the air, swaying every guest in harmonious sync.

37. “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” - Mac DeMarco

This tune fills your Halloween party with a lively atmosphere with an eclectic mix of quirky rhythms and catchy beats. The song’s energetic rhythm inspires heads to bop, hips to gyrate, and hearts to fill with infectious laughter and joy.

38. “Bohemian Rhapsody” - Queen

When you think of classics, you’ll probably think of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. This epic masterpiece, with its rollercoaster of tempos and spine-tingling lyrics, casts an enchanting spell that spins an eerie yet enticing vibe, perfect for your Halloween soirée.

39. “Zombie” - The Cranberries

The eerie music and haunting vocals of this global hit are a spine-tingling match for your Halloween celebration. The chillingly poignant lyrics and unforgettable melody will awaken every party-goer to the unrelenting allure of the ghastly celebration.

Why a Silent Disco for Halloween?

Silent discos offer a unique solution for diverse music tastes at parties. Having up to three channels of music at once lets you play a mix of both modern and throwback Halloween hits.

While Halloween parties undoubtedly become more fun as the night continues, living in a community often means being mindful of others. This includes respecting that late-night noise levels might not be appreciated by all.


A silent disco is an innovative solution that ensures the fun keeps rolling without affecting the tranquility of the neighborhood. Partygoers can dance into the early hours with their headphones, immersing themselves in their chosen tunes without the volume seeping beyond the party boundaries.

This is also a perfect opportunity to take the party outside and be surrounded by rustling leaves and the hoots of owls to create an unforgettable Halloween atmosphere. 

Part of the attraction during Halloween is the amount of decorations that appear everywhere you look. With a silent disco, you can contribute to the aesthetic beauty of Halloween with the color that glows from the headphones. The blue and green colors on the headsets can help costumes pop. Meanwhile, the red glow will capture everyone’s eyes through the dark night.

Ready to Host the Best Halloween Party?

Silent discos during the Halloween season can offer an innovative approach to celebrating the spooky and eerie Halloween hits from all generations. We have done the hard part for you in terms of collecting music for your party. All that remains is to gather your ghosts and ghouls to throw a party of a lifetime with our silent disco equipment! Check out Party Headphones on Spotify for a full Halloween party playlist, along with other playlists for your party!

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