Party Headphones Demo Kit Rental

Looking to try before you buy or trial run familiarize yourself with silent disco equipment before your big event? Why not rent one of our Demo Kits!

Our Demo Kits are a mini sample of our most the most popular products in our inventory!

Each Demo Kit includes:

3 transmitters, 4 headphones, 1 keypad, 3 AUX-RCA cords, and 1 charger. Round trip shipping is included.


Once your rental order has been processed, your Party Headphones' box will be shipped right to your door a day before your event. You also have the option of getting it earlier if you want more time to test everything out. The day after your rental ends, you'll pack the equipment back up, and ship it back to us using the prepaid label. It's that easy!

Each rental will come with up to 3 transmitters (for broadcasting up to 3 audio sources at once), audio cables to connect to your mixer/source and as many headphones as you need. 

It's super easy! Just plug the transmitter into a power outlet, and plug the other end into the audio-out on your music-playing device. Turn on your headphones and you're good to go.

After the event, simply repack the equipment, place the included return-shipping label on the case, and call the courier we used to schedule a pick-up the day before the pick-up is needed (1st business day after your event). You can also drop the gear off to the designated shipper you received this from if that is easier. Then just shoot an email to your assigned customer excitement specialist letting us know the package is being returned!

If you are renting, your equipment arrives 1-2 days before your event. This gives you plenty of time to get familiar with the equipment and setup instructions. Of course, if you have anything you are unsure about, you can always reach out to Party Headphones. We're always here for you and happy to help!

We always recommend having good security measures in place to deter theft, and damage. We have a standard $60 replacement fee for headphones that go missing or are damaged at the event. Replacement of a the wireless music transmitter is $160.

If you prefer to cover yourself in the case of damage, loss, or theft, consider adding an event rental insurance plan onto your order!


Try before you buy!

We work with all event sizes and ship to all 50 states! Submit the form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Or call 833-PARTYHP to make a reservation today.