Feedback Station

Smart feedback kiosk that actually gets results.

Guest feedback terminal station

Collect. Measure. Improve.

Now you can measure feedback from your guests, employees, and customers, and get real-time results. Our super portable feedback station allows for any questions, and any 5-point response, with the most popular being our Smiley rating. Measure anything from satisfaction to cleanliness, and everything in-between.

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Staff friendliness rating
Staff friendliness rating

Collect More Feedback

Our touch interface feedback stations make collecting feedback effortless. Simply tap a smiley or rating from the kiosk, and your feedback is recorded.

Asset 80MAIL

Monitor Realtime

We find real-time pain points and alert you immediately. You’re also provided with additional smart-insights and tips on improving feedback.

Take Action

Access your dashboard to view all the feedback collected in an easy-to-read portal. Take action and watch your customer/employee experience improve!

Feedback that gets results

Collect feedback in real-time at an astounding response rate and make decisions backed by data. No more wasted time sending surveys that don’t get responses. 

Party Headphones Feedback Stand
Traditional Surveys

Quick-Change Survey Questions

Easy to manage, easy to customize. Change out the survey question simply by printing a new one on standard A4/A3 size paper. Choose a single question or multiple choice with custom response stickers.

Custom Response Stickers

The standard smiley face response system can be used to effectively collect feedback for most questions. Or, change it up to support multiple choice answers using your own custom graphics.

Advanced Capacitive Touch

Our capacitive touch interface allows for guests to choose from one of five responses at the tap of a finger. No more broken buttons, or hard-to-clean spaces. And anti tampering prevention will detect and filter any unreliable responses.


Having a feedback station at your event will enable you to collect responses from your audience and find out if your party was a hit! Measure peoples satisfaction and get a report-out after the event so you know just how you did. No need to email out surveys, and hope people respond. Just place, and your guests will do the rest.

You get a floor-standing feedback station with 4G connectivity, meaning it can be placed anywhere. The station will be customized with your branding and a question of your choice, with the standard 5-smiley responses. 

After your event, once the feedback station has been shipped back, you’ll be given a portal and exported data to view your collected feedback responses from your event.

Super easy! Just attach the top of the unit to the pole and you are good to go.

Rent a Feedback Station

Capture your guests feedback live at your next event. Ships right to your door, and sets up in minutes. Submit the form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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