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Have You Heard These Event Planner Jokes?

Ah, the life of an event planner. One minute you’re dealing with a high-maintenance client or not-so-nice boss, and the next minute you’re on the hunt to find an A/V crew 10 minutes before the start an event because the first one didn’t show.

It’s as if event planners’ jobs are similar to those who host or produce live television – chaotic, fast-paced, intense. Our event is their live TV program. Something could go wrong at any given minute and you better have a solution immediately…or yesterday, as they say!

Anyone who works in the events industry has braved the hardship of what could be classified as a lightning speed profession.

You can either lose our hair stressing out about every event blunder, or you can just choose to laugh it off and remain positive. Because hey, that’s what we do every day anyway!

I’m sure everyone has heard their mother say to them “don’t take life too seriously” or “it’s healthy to laugh at yourself every once in a while”.

We think the best way to endure the woes of event planning is to unite in laughter with our fellow event professional peers. Unless your event is performing surgery, you can afford to poke fun at yourself, your mistakes, and all things event related!


  • Let us translate this for you…
  • I adore spontaneity, as long as it’s carefully planned.
  • Not only do we plan events down to the last second, but we can’t live life without planning our personal activities. Plotting, organizing, and arranging timelines is impossible to escape!
  • Yippee, it’s Friday. Oh wait, I’m an event planner.
  • We can all relate to working nights and weekends. It never ends!
  • The biggest lie I tell myself is I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.
  • Lists are as good as gold! What event planner doesn’t love a good check list?
  • When I tell people I’m an event planner, they say “that sounds like so much fun”.
  • Where do we even begin with this one?! Brainstorming a theme, crafting a message, creating a production schedule and a run of show, managing multiple teams (A/V, door, security, presenters, executives), being present for load-in and load-out, securing a venue, managing décor, ordering food and beverage. Should we go on? You try doing it and then tell us if it’s “fun”!
  • Did you hear about the smart mobile device guru that married the unqualified event planner? The ceremony was a disaster, but the reception was awesome.
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