Disco Music: Now and Then

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Feelings toward disco music range from mockery to total absorption in the songs that were such a big part of the music in the ‘70s. Nothing marks the era more than the movie Saturday Night Fever, a story of an Italian American who was a middle class worker in a hardware store during the day but who took on the role of Disco King by night. Love it or hate it, there continues to be a loyal following of party goers who enjoy the loud music and bright lights associated with the disco fever. The major difference today is that they can use silent disco equipment to enjoy the sound without bothering those who would rather be left out.

What is a Silent Disco?

No longer are disco lovers limited to the select few clubs where they can still dance to their favorite sounds from the ‘70s. Thanks to the invention of Party Headphones that use modern RF technology, anyone can enjoy their favorite music anywhere with interrupting anyone else. A silent disco party is one where everyone who wants to enjoy the music wears a pair of headphones that are made to work with the music playing device to deliver high quality sound at distances up to 300 feet away. Without the headphones, no one can hear the music at all. You have a choice between silent disco rentals to accommodate the number of guests you will have and leasing your own silent disco headphones to wear to the growing number of silent disco events that are being thrown.

Silent Disco Equipment Offer Privacy and Freedom

The greatest benefit to the use of silent headphones is the opportunity it gives you to unleash your music without imposing your personal taste on anyone else. You have the freedom to listen to your favorite music anywhere at any time. Enjoy dancing to the beat of disco with a few close friends or make it a real disco party with silent disco headphones for everyone. Call us at 607-216-1082 to learn more about out headphone rentals and sales.

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