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Wireless Radio Frequency Headphones

(RF) Radio Frequency Wireless Headphones

RF Wireless Headphones use a stereo frequency modulation system to transmit sound from your audio source to your headphones.  It is pretty much like having a mini radio station where the headphones are the only thing that can pick up the audio.  This makes radio waves the best choice for totally wireless freedom, and the perfect application for silent disco headphones.


    • Radio frequency headphones can be used in different rooms from their source because the signal will not be blocked by walls or objects.
    • ~100 meter + range
    • Unlimited number of headphones can be used with a single transmitter
    • A true group audio experience


    • Possibility for interference and static when listening. A lack of bass capabilities has been apparent in a lot of the models on the market today.


    • Those looking for a group audio experience that has no boundaries, ideal for silent disco.

Infrared Headphones

Infrared technology is used in a large variety of ways. Everything from telescopes to spa treatments uses different types of infrared technologies. The core infrared technology is light emitting diodes (LEDs). The LED utilizes a focused beam of invisible, pulsating light. In the case of wireless headphones, the light is transmitted from the transmitter to the earphones.




        • There is no static or radio interference with the wireless headphones.



          • Require a clear line of sight from the headphones to the transmitter, audio can not be transmitted through walls.


            • 10 meter range

          BEST SUITED FOR:


              • Personal use, such as at home when you want to stream music from your TV without interrupting others in the room.

            Bluetooth Headphones

            Bluetooth is a proprietary open wireless technology standard that is often used with cell phones for exchanging data over short distances.  Bluetooth technology uses a spread spectrum, a frequency-hopping signal that limits problems caused by other wireless devices and provides robust sound quality. This makes it a perfect application for things like Silent Yoga, where the instructor needs to transmit sound over a wireless headset to their participants.



                • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones can connect to any other Bluetooth-enabled device, they have limited interference, and have a relatively low power consumption


                  • Very secure frequency



                    • 10-meter range


                      • Typically used for cell phones

                    BEST SUITED FOR:


                        • Personal audio and commuters who want to have a cable-free ride.

                        • Jamming out to music at home or on the go with one listener per device

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