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DJing your own silent disco is a great way to save money and lets you control the playlist. Being a DJ is not just a press and play tactic so you need to plan ahead to avoid any technical difficulty. Setting up a DJ deck is now cheaper and easier with these music mixing apps that would work on ipods, smartphones, or tablets.

What you will need for a DIY silent disco:

    • Music player like ipod, smartphone, or tablet
    • RF wireless headphones (depends how many guests you’ll have)
    • Transmitter
    • Connecting cable
    • Music mixing app

Here are some of the best yet simple to use apps that will help you bring the DJ out of you:

    1. DJay

DJay is one of the best choices of beginners and seasoned mixers with its clutter-free interface. The design of the turntable shows the image of an album and eliminates unnecessary buttons and effects. This app is compatible with Mac and iOs.

    1. VirtualDJ Home

This app is not as simple as DJay but it’s better because it’s free! VirtualDJ Home is favourable to average amateur DJs and all standard tools and effects are available. The overlaying soundwaves help you see how beats are matching up. This app is compatible with Windows and Mac.

    1. Traktor DJ

In planning for a silent disco mobile, Traktor DJ may be the best app you could use. Just make sure you bring a charger as this will drain your gadget’s battery fast. This app is compatible with iOs.

    1. Cross DJ

Cross DJ is available in multiple platforms such as iOs, Android, and both free and paid Mac desktop versions.

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