4 College Silent Disco Successes

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Silent disco is no longer for just silent raves. Student groups and event organizers on college campuses use silent disco as a tool to bring an engaging and interactive environment to their students.  A college campus silent disco can be used for all sorts of different purposes.

Not only does this become a memorable event that will be talked about on campus for weeks, but it allows for directors to support events in many places that a standard event would not permit.  Here are some examples of the events that are held on college campuses across the nation.

Orientation Events

At the beginning of every fall semester Cornell University throws an 800 person silent disco on the Arts Quad to give new students a late night orientation activity close to home (or dorm!).

Silent disco in this case gives the opportunity for new students to hold a conversation and then break the ice with new friends when they put the headphones on to enter the music experience.

“Silent disco helped create one of the most popular events during orientation! We had over 800 new students attend the event and dance the night away! Set up was effortless and the headphones sounded great! The Orientation Steering Committee is really looking forward to doing more silent discos in the future!”

—Bianca, Cornell University, Orientation Steering Committee

Courtesy of the Vibe Tribe out of ISU for their silent disco event

Raising Campus Awareness & Support for a Student Group

Silent discos allow student groups to throw an engaging & memorable event to help raise awareness & campus support.  Whose ears do not perk up when a silent dance party on campus is brought up?

The Environmental Alliance, a student group at the University of Central Arkansas held an event to raise money for an upcoming trip..  Due to the unique nature, EA also thought the event would help attract future members.

The Silent Disco took place right in front of UCA’s Main Hall.  There was high foot-traffic and the headphones were a huge hit; the place was packed.

Following the event, the President of Environmental Alliance said:

“Everything went well! We had such a good turnout. Everyone loved the event…Silent Disco was our best event yet”

University Relay for Life’s

Silent disco became popular at St. Louis University’s annual Relay for Life. The second largest event on campus used the wireless headphones as a way to keep the energy up and running throughout the night.

“Relay for life was awesome and we reached our fundraising goal of $140,000 so thank you so very much for your help! The headphones were a huge hit and a success. We used them a couple times throughout the night and they really reenergized the crowd!” – Michelle Wagoner, Steering Committee

Spontaneous Flash Mobs in Libraries

During finals week in a UW-Madison library a spontaneous silent disco popped up. Two students performing under the DJ name “The Void” played a pop-up silent disco in the quiet section of the library zone.

Only those students with headphones could join in the fun and dance away some of that stress.

Rather than tell you, how about I just show you.

Not surprisingly at all, another group did a flash mob with headphones. College hip hop dance group BreakFree performed a choreographed dance in Cornell’s Uris Library.

More and more wireless headphone events are happening around college campuses. The production costs for standard events can be extremely high when you factor in speaker equipment and the man-power required to pull it off. Silent Disco equipment is easy-to-use, interactive, and a low-friction alternative to unique and memorable event production. Ranging from a simple laptop or MP3 player, to a full DJ board – Silent Disco equipment can get the job done while keeping the surrounding area quiet to avoid those pesky noise restrictions.

There is endless possibility to put a creative spotlight on your silent disco event. If you’re looking for more inspiration – The Ultimate Guide to Silent Disco can provide more insight into how it can be done easily and effectively.

Think you can do better? Tell us about your event, we’ll help you make it happen, and if you share pictures and videos with us – we will show the world how awesome you are.

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