I declare “Headphone Courage” a real thing.

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Pass by any silent disco and you’ll notice some rather strange behavior: people are dancing wildly, smiling, and socializing–seemingly devoid of inhibitions. But there is no apparent music, and the silence in the room is only punctuated by the sounds of tapping feet, metronomic claps, and a cappella excerpts of familiar pop hits.

If you don’t know what a silent disco is, don’t fret! You can come out from under your rock and learn more in our What is Silent Disco post.

Envision it.  Participants are dancing passionately, truly living up to the old saying “dance like no one’s watching”. Guests are watching, living, breathing, absorbing a newly discovered psychological phenomenon. This friends, is known as “Headphone Courage”.

I want to scream it from every mountain top.  I declare “Headphone Courage” a real thing.

Headphone Courage is similar to Liquid Courage in a sense (Urban dictionary definition: Used when explaining alcohol as a catalyst for bravery, particularly in a party or public setting.)

Here now, for the first time ever (that we could find) we are going to define and diagnose “Headphone Courage”.

Headphone Courage – the loss of inhibitions when an individual puts on a pair of headphones amongst a crowd, typically at a silent disco. Side effects include but are not limited to: boldness, sense of liberation, smiling.

Don’t believe me? Even the professionals see it.  

“The funny thing about it is that the minute someone puts on the headphones, it’s like they think they’re invisible… You’ll see someone who was previously sipping a drink nervously in the corner while the band was playing now singing out loud and dancing like a crazy person at the silent disco.”

– Jenna Lam of Jenna Lam Events

More than one event professional sees it!

“It’s unlike anything I have ever seen!  The second I put the headset on a persons ears they immediately lose all inhibitions and dance like no one is watching!! (but usually a couple hundred people ARE watching!!)”

– Jared Kingsley of JENT Events

Still don’t think this is a real thing? See it for yourself.

Internet positive viral video protagonist Stuart Edge demonstrated this exact concept in his popular skit “Dancing With Strangers” where Stuart Dances with strangers to Michael Jackson’s hit song.

Are you convinced? Me too.

Headphone Courage allows someone to take a step out of their comfort zone yet still remain comfortable.  With these new found feelings of confidence individuals truly let loose and put their guard down.  With their guard down they can be themselves and enjoy the company of those around them dancing to no apparent music.

Embrace it, it’s a real thing.  Why?  Because I just said so.

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