A Party in Your Ears : All Sorts of Silent Disco

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A Party in Your Ears : All Sorts of Silent Disco

If you’ve landed yourself here, you’re curious about what a silent disco is!

This amazing digital party wireless headphone phenomenon, which was once a trend, has decided to stick around. And we’re happy about that.

People everywhere are joining in on the craze and finding new ways to incorporate the silent disco concept into events of all forms.


Yogis are embracing silent disco wireless headphones more than you’d expect. Yogajournal.com calls it “more than a trend”, as it solves the problem of instructors not being heard when teaching a class. Soft sounds of a yoga teacher and background music make for a peaceful class without any of the loud distractions from outside the studio.

Bar Crawl

Just when we thought day drinking couldn’t get any better, it just did. Grabbing a group of friends to hop from bar to bar with Party Headphones is the idea of a good time, right? Bar hoppers tune into the three different channels (80s, 90s, Top 40 music — you set it up!) for awesome music, all while touring your town.

Movie Rooftop

Bars and outdoor venues have been screening movies with wireless headphones for a while now. Adding a silent movie element is a great way to complement a casual event under the stars. All that’s needed is a tech-friendly venue (mostly everywhere these days) that can accommodate a screen, transmitter, wireless headphones, and bodies to watch the movie.


Throwing wedding guests for a loop and incorporating a silent disco event into the reception will surely guarantee the soiree as “wedding of the century”. A wedding silent rave happens when guests gather and dance at the reception to music played on wireless headphones.

Daytime Rave

Silent events held in clubs could be during the day or at night, but the recent craze prefers the daytime party. The Rochester Fringe Festival has held what they call a Brown Bag Disco, where attendees get their pick of a brown bag lunch when they purchase their ticket. Now armed with a turkey and provolone, attendees have the fuel to quietly dance among their friends.


Similar to the daytime quiet events where there are three channels of music to choose from. The third channel is reserved for the karaoke portion. The words to the music on that channel are scrolling on a screen for everyone to see. Bad: there could be dozens of bad singers singing in “unison”. Good: no one can hear it!

Church Events

Church silent events are a great way to get together with your community and share your faith. They can also be a great way to enjoy some music and fellowship. However, there can be a lot of noise at church events, which can be a problem for those who want to enjoy the music or service without being disturbed. That’s where wireless headphones can come in handy.

Silent Cinema

Silent Cinema is a convention that is perfect for people who want to watch movies without having to worry about spoilers. Attendees listen to the movie through headphones so that they can avoid hearing others’ reactions. This is also a great option for people who want to watch a movie without having to worry about disturbing others.

Silent Music Festivals

A Silent Music Festivals is a unique event where the audience is invited to attend a concert of music without sound. Performers and audiences alike wear wireless headphones that allow them to hear the music perfectly while the rest of the world is silent.

The first Silent Music Festivals was created by composer John Cage in August of 1952. The festival took place at the Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock, New York, and was attended by over 200 people. The idea for the festival came about when Cage was asked to create a work for a dance concert that would be performed without any sound. Cage decided to create a concert of music that would be performed without any sound and the Silent Music Festival was born.

Since its inception, the Silent Music Festivals has become a popular event that is held all over the world. Performers and audience members enjoy the unique experience of being able to hear the music without any outside interference which is its important role. Silent Music Festivals provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere where people can come together and enjoy the beauty of music without any distractions.

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