Silent Disco Events in Every Corner of the United States

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In our last “Every Corner of the United States” post, we wrote about ways that Americans celebrate in various corners of the country. Towns, regions, and areas celebrate in so many unique ways that our last post didn’t do it justice.

Behold Part Deux! Here are some more ways that different areas of the country get down.

Note: Silent disco elements can be added to each.

Dude Ranch: Out West

Always dream about being cowboy or cowgirl when you were a little kid? Live out those dreams IRL at a dude ranch. Unwind with a yoga class at the spa or rough it in a log cabin in the wilderness. A silent disco yoga class in the great outdoors at sunrise is the best.

Pontoon Boat Party: Minnesota Lakes

It’s widely known that Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. (If you don’t know, now you know.) So naturally, the lakes become a destination for hanging out on the weekends. In recent years, young professionals have been gravitating towards pontoon boats as a spot to spend the day with friends on the water. So, snag a spot on your friend’s souped-up pontoon boat and throw a silent disco.

Après Ski: Colorado

After a day of hitting the slopes, there’s no better time spent than at the bar for an après ski drink or social gathering. Hey, you don’t even need to ski to celebrate. Throw yourself a mountain-inspired get together and add in a silent disco.

Rodeo: Texas

From small-town competitions to professional championships, there are loads of rodeos held all over the state of Texas year-round. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the arena held a silent disco at a scheduled intermission? We’d wear our cowboy boots for that.

In case you forgot, here is how to set up a silent disco. Silent partying has never been so easy.

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