Reinvent the Holidays with a Silent Disco

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Each time the month of December rolls around, most of us rejoice that we don’t have to plan our social schedules. Why are they already planned for us? Because they are chock full of endless holiday parties. Most of us basically bee-bop from work parties to school parties to just-for-fun parties between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

And boy is it fun, but you tend to run into the same with red and green decorations and holiday-themed food and drink everywhere you go. If you’re looking to spice up your holiday gathering, throw a themed party and incorporate a silent disco into the event. (Double whammy!)

Check out some ideas for your next holiday party that can easily be paired with a silent disco.

The Ugly Sweater
We know this is an obvious one, but we had to mention it. There are so many humorous, ugly Christmas sweaters on the market now that it would do the holidays an injustice if you didn’t host one. (Every party needs that guy who wears a “Jingle My Bells” or a headbanging Santa “Sleigher” sweater). Add on holiday drinks and a silent disco, and you’ve got yourself a crazy gathering where people are guaranteed to let loose.

For a Cause
Bring together friends and family for an event that gives back. Display a “Santa’s sleigh”, or a table, or plain old trash bags (if you’re not feeling creative) and collect gifts for underprivileged children when guests arrive. Once everyone has done good for the community, break out the silent disco dance party and celebrate.

Scrooge Party
Not feeling the holidays? Escape from all the craziness with an anti-holiday party. Order sushi and drink margaritas. Hide the holiday decorations and opt for something opposite like a tropical theme. And when the silent disco starts, by all means, ban the holiday songs!! Only hip hop, electronic, and pop music allowed.

Christmas Eve Blowout
Who says holiday parties need to be formal and family friendly? Throw an all-out bash and start the silent disco party at midnight to ring in Christmas. You could even incorporate a DJ battle to add some competition, too. Warning: This may make for some unpleasant family gatherings and present opening the next day, but YOLO.

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