The Ultimate Backyard Silent Movie Experience with Party Headphones

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Outdoor movie night

Nothing compares to a great summer night watching a movie outside in your own backyard. Whether you are feeling some nostalgia for a drive-in style experience, or you don’t feel quite up to going to a theater, having a backyard movie night with your friends and family is always a blast. Setting up a theater at home is actually quite easy, and Party Headphones can really help amplify the experience!

Ready to host your own Silent Backyard Movie Night? Here’s how you do it:

Projector Screen

First, you’ll need to find somewhere to setup your projector screen. Equally as important as the projector itself. You can start by simply projecting the image onto the side of your house or even a fence. If you want to bump things up a notch, consider renting a projector screen from us, or purchase your very own projector screen to be used again and again.

You have plenty of screen choices, so find something that fits your area, preference, and budget! Some options include a Pop-up projection screen, Stand+screen combo, and a Blow up screen. If you are looking for the true budget option, a plain white sheet against a wall works just fine as long as you can secure it in place!

Projector Selection

If your backyard has very low ambient light at night, you can get away with almost any projector. If you do have ambient light around, you will want to look for a higher light or lumen rating. 2,000 should be the minimum to consider, with an ideal range being 3,000-5,000. Amazon has a ton of great options for projectors. -We recommend an Epson projector if you are looking for quality and a Vankyo projector for a more budget friendly option.

Audio Preference

Sound is usually a challenge with an outdoor and backyard movie screening setup. Outdoors, sound escapes further in more directions, so it requires much louder speakers. In addition to that, neighbors are more likely to complain about the noise from a movie blasting just outside their home. The good news is Party Headphones solves both of those problems! Our silent headphones and transmitter systems can connect to any project or laptop as long as they have an audio output.

Interested in renting with us? Get started by requesting a quote.

Snacks and Drinks

Movies are synonymous with great snacks, food, and drinks. There are some great snack kits available online if you are looking for easy options. And of course you can always pop your favorite popcorn at home! 

Atmosphere and Décor

It is incredibly easy to make your backyard setup fun or dress things up a bit for a more formal vibe. The right atmosphere will help make this feel like you’re really at the movies instead of just in your backyard. After you figure out your lighting, bringing out some couch cushions, camping chairs, and other comfortable seating to make the experience more enjoyable for all. The best part is you can bring your favorite blankets and pillows -not something you can bring to a theater!

Need some lighting ideas? You can rent fun party lighting from us to help set the movie-going mood. Or you can shop online for a semi-permanent solution like outdoor string lights!

That’s a Wrap!

Outdoor movie experiences at home are a great way to have fun with friends and family! And while it may seem overwhelming at first, it doesn’t take much to set up your own backyard movie-going experience. So gather your supplies, call up your friends, and enjoy the great outdoors this season with your favorite flick in the comfort of your own backyard.

Need help planning your outdoor movie experience? Our expert team will gladly give you tips and tricks for making the most of your space. Give us a call, chat online, or send us a message!

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