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Revamp Your Camp Experience: Unleash the Fun of a Silent Disco Party

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Create a new memorable camp experience!

Are you searching for a way to take your camp experiences to the next level while staying mindful of noise curfews? Look no further! Party Headphones specializes in collaborating with camps of all kinds across the country, ensuring that every camper has a memorable and extraordinary time. Whether you’re running a day church camp or a sleep-away camp, our silent disco events are the perfect addition to your program.
Our wireless headphones are versatile and have been successfully incorporated into a wide range of camp programs. From facilitating guided religious introspection to fostering engaging team-building exercises at church camps, our headphones have proven their adaptability.
With three distinct audio channels, our headphones allow you to provide diverse music options that cater to everyone’s preferences. Additionally, you can utilize the music channels to divide participants into teams for various games and activities. As an added bonus, the headphone LEDs change color according to the tuned-in channel, creating a captivating visual experience on the dance floor. If you’re a camp director, a youth pastor or an events coordinator looking to find out more about how to elevate your camp’s atmosphere and engage campers like never before, contact us today about our multi-day or longer term silent disco rentals to get a quote!

Why choose our silent disco headphones for your camp activities?

Versatile: With three available audio channels, you can customize the music selection to suit different tastes or create separate teams for games and activities.
Inclusive: Our silent disco headphones empower participants by giving them control over their listening experience, making parties a more accessible to individuals with SEN.
Use multiple transmitters to host a DJ battle with up to three DJ playing simultaneously (multiple audio sources needed).
Multi-purpose: Our headphones are not limited to silent discos. They can enhance various summer camp activities such as outdoor cinemas, music festivals, quizzes, and guided fitness silent events
Impressive Range: Our headphones offer an impressive range of up to 1500 feet! Reach every participant, no matter where they are in the camp area.
Easy Setup: Our system requires minimal cables and eliminates the need for speaker systems and an audio engineer.
Microphone Options: If you need to conduct guided activities or make announcements during your camp, we offer Bluetooth Transmitters with built-in microphones to ensure clear communication.


Included in your silent disco camp rental are essential components to enhance your experience. You will receive three transmitters, allowing you to play up to three music channels simultaneously. Additionally, audio cables will be provided to connect to your music device seamlessly. We ensure you have an ample supply of party headphones, catering to the number of participants at your camp. Get ready for an unforgettable silent party experience with all the necessary equipment included in your rental.

Setting up your headphone rental kit is a breeze! Simply connect the transmitter to a power outlet and plug the other end into your music device's audio-out. Switch on the headphones, and you're ready to rock! It's that simple. You can watch our helpful set-up tutorial here. 

There's no limit! We've accommodated up to 3,000 attendees at a university orientation dance party. Ensure you rent sufficient headphones to avoid any conflicts over availability.

In addition to our silent disco equipment, Party Headphones offer an array of exciting options such as disco party lighting, Photo Booths, Outdoor Movie Packages, and more!

Contact us with your specific requirements and ideas, and we will customize an equipment rental package that perfectly suits your camp's needs. Let us help you create an unforgettable camp experience with our wide range of offerings!

Our headphones have a range of up to 1500 feet, providing exceptional coverage for most camp setups. While the range may be slightly reduced in areas with more interference, it remains more than sufficient for the majority of camp environments. Rest assured. Our headphones will deliver reliable performance to enhance your camp activities.
After processing your headphone rental, we'll ship your silent disco box to your camp a day or two before your event. Once your rental period concludes, simply pack up your equipment and use the prepaid label to ship it back to us. It's a seamless process that ensures convenience for you.
Contact us today for a personalized quote and let's create a disco party package tailored to your camps party needs. Get ready for a silent disco headphone experience like no other!


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