Reinvent the Holidays with a Silent Disco – Corporate Style

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Recently, we posted about the never-ending holiday parties that infiltrate our social schedules each December. For those who are stumped a party theme, we provided some unique theme options for hosting a party of your own. Take a peek here.

This week, we’ll focus on work parties because they are a little different. Gone are the days of lavish open-bar extravaganzas and crazy blow outs. (That would be considered spending money irresponsibly.) Just because companies don’t have oodles of money to celebrate the holidays today, it doesn’t mean that they can’t provide a fun gathering for employees.

Check out some budget-friendly great ideas for your next corporate holiday party.

Santa’s Workshop

An office, shared workspace, or home wouldn’t be complete without a gingerbread house decoration during the holidays. If your holiday party is limited to work hours, this is a perfect option. One afternoon, shut down your computer and make gingerbread houses as a team. It will feel extra homey if the party is pot luck and everyone brings a dish.

A Fun Gift Exchange

Gift exchanges can be stressful, except for when you’ve got a great theme to go with it. Not assigning people and putting some parameters on the purchase like spending limits always helps too. If you have small team (30 people and under), a gift exchange is a great way to keep employees engaged during your holiday party. Potential gift themes: As Seen on TV, homemade only, your favorite wine, local businesses only, funny coffee mugs (perfect for everyone’s desk), and the list goes on! The possibilities are endless.

Holiday Music Silent Disco

Are we obsessed with silent discos? Maybe. Are we a little biased? Totally. But we can’t write a budget-conscious party list without mentioning Party Headphones. Our sets are affordable and we have a simple, no-fuss process that everyone craves during this hectic time of year. Order online, await your package, easily assemble, party like it’s 1999, ship up, then send back. Easy peasy.

A Corporate Reflection

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the successes your team has accomplished in the past year. Handing out fun awards is a good option, but why not invite everyone to be involved? A week before your gathering, ask team members to draw a name from a hat. Then, ask each person to write down an awesome, positive story about that team member. When you have your party, each person draws a story and reads it aloud. The vibe is guaranteed to become warm and fuzzy. Probably just the thing your team needed at the end of the year.

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