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Unleash the magic of after-hours entertainment at your music festival without violating noise curfews. Introducing Party Headphones, the ultimate solution for event coordinators who seek an unforgettable silent disco party experience. Our wireless headphones will keep the beats pumping long after the live shows have ended, offering a refreshing change of pace or a serene option for the night owls. But that’s not all – these headphones can also transform your event into an enchanting open-air cinema for those seeking a more relaxed after-party atmosphere.

With three distinct audio channels available, we cater to the diverse music tastes of music festival-goers. Our high-range silent disco headphones guarantee that not a single beat is missed, even if attendees need to make a quick pit stop at the bar. Plus, our LED headphone light control keypads add a mesmerizing visual element, allowing you to create an awe-inspiring light show in the darkness.

Extensive Range: Our headphones cover an astounding distance of up to 1500 feet, equivalent to the length of five football fields. So, no matter where your festival attendees wander, the party never stops.
Personalized Volume Control: Each festival-goer can fine-tune their audio experience with individual volume control.
Effortless Setup: Bid farewell to tangled cables and bulky speakers. Our silent disco system requires minimal setup, freeing up valuable time, allowing your festival staff to focus on other critical preparations.
Simultaneous Broadcasting: With multiple transmitters at your disposal, you can broadcast up to three channels concurrently. Allow your attendees to switch between genres seamlessly.
Illuminated Headphones: Elevate the ambiance to new heights with our LED-lighted headphones. Our Headphone Light Control Keypads enable you to take the light show up a notch, unlocking 3 additional colors and 16 light mode selections.
Versatile and Scalable: Our silent disco technology adapts effortlessly to any outdoor music event, regardless of size or number of guests. Whether you're hosting an intimate backyard music festival or a weekend-long extravaganza at a showground, we've got you covered.


To set up a successful silent disco stage at a festival, you will need:
  1. Music: Schedule up to three live DJs to broadcast their sets simultaneously. Alternatively, you can stream Spotify playlists curated by you or your team directly to the silent disco headphones.
  2. Silent Disco Headphones: Ensure you have an adequate quantity of party headphones.
  3. Mixing Desk: Acquire a mixing desk to effectively manage the audio output. Connect the party headphones' transmitter to the master output channel of the mixing desk. Three transmitters are included with headphone rentals as standard.

There are no restrictions on the number of festival goers who can participate in the silent disco party. You can invite as many people as you desire, and we have no technical limitations in place. In fact, we take pride in hosting large-scale gatherings, with our current record boasting over 3,000 enthusiastic participants.

It’s super easy! Just plug the transmitter into a power outlet, and plug the other end into the audio-out on your music-playing device. Turn on your headphones and you’re good to go. You can watch our helpful set-up tutorial here.

Party Headphones offer a remarkable battery life of 10-12 hours, even when used at full volume. When it's time to recharge, our silent disco headphones only require a mere 2.5 hours to reach full capacity. For extended events or multi-day rentals exceeding 8 hours, we provide a charger along with your rental kit, ensuring you can keep the music going without any interruptions. We also offer Portable Batteries that enable hassle-free on-the-go charging.

Ensuring the safety and proper management of silent disco headphones at music festivals requires a few key logistical measures. These simple steps will help you keep track of your valuable equipment and ensure its return in optimal condition.
  1. Clear Signage and Entrances/Exits: Prominently display signs indicating designated areas for headphone usage and return. Clearly mark entrances and exits to facilitate easy navigation for attendees.
  2. Staff for Check-in/Check-out: Employ personnel dedicated to managing the headphone inventory. They can handle the process of checking in and checking out headphones, ensuring accountability and reducing the risk of loss or damage.
  3. Collection Point: Establish a designated area, such as a bin or a table, where attendees can easily drop off their headphones after the show. Make sure this collection point is clearly visible and accessible to encourage participants to return their headphones promptly.

It's a breeze! After your silent disco party rental order is confirmed, we'll ship your equipment directly to your venue, arriving a couple of days prior to your festival. Once your event is over, simply pack up the equipment and use the prepaid label we provide to ship it back to us. It's a hassle-free experience, ensuring a smooth and convenient rental process from start to finish.


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