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Offer a new and exciting way for your congregation to hear the word at your next church event.


re-imagine your service listening experience

Throughout every week of every year, our Party Headphones’ plug-and-play silent disco party systems are captivating youth groups and adding excitement to church services across the country.  This dynamic experience creates successful participation which has proved to be a perfect recipe for spreading the word of Jesus Christ, the love of God and the Truth of His story.
We are honored to have provided our equipment to so many churches across the nation for silent disco event, worship services, bible study events, conferences and other audio events. With three available channels, our headphones can also be used during services to play a pre-recorded version of the service in multiple languages. By setting up our transmitters with microphones, it is also possible for live translators to speak directly to members of the congregation in their own language at your Sunday service. Our headphones also offer solutions for members of the church with SEN, by giving them more control over their listening experience with their own individual volume control.
Individual volume control for everyone.
Can be used in break-out rooms without disturbing neighboring groups.
Pastors can speak more directly to guests with high fidelity, full stereo headset audio.
Noise-canceling design provides an intimate experience and can be helpful for SEN members of the church.
Easy setup. Minimal cables and no speakers needed.
Multiple transmitters allow for up to 3 channels to be broadcasted at once for multi-language solutions (multiple audio sources needed).​
No limit on the number of people that can participate in silent events.

Additional Silent Experiences

Charity Gala

Create an exciting gala or event that makes it easy to engage with donors and help reach your charitable goals!


Host a modern conference of any size in virtually any space. Private "off-stage" huddles, multiple stages in the same room, and more.

Summer & Church Camps

Add a new memorable event to your next camp! Create unique activities from guided religious introspection to fun team-building activities!

Church Services & Event FAQ

Everything you need is included in your Party Headphones Rental Package. 

Normal range is up to 1500 feet. In a building where there is more interference, range won't be quite as long, but it should be more than adequate for most church campuses.

Absolutely! The best part of our silent listening system is that you can have all of your speakers and congregation in a big room, with each speaker addressing their unique audience. 3 unique channels means attendees can tune in to the speaker of their choice at the flip of a switch.

It's super easy! Just plug the transmitter into a power outlet, and plug the other end into the audio-out on your music device. Turn on your headphones and you're good to go.

Yes! We rent Photo Booths that can be custom branded for your church, inflatable screens and projectors for conferences, led lights to enhance the worship experience, and more! Contact us if you would like to discuss your equipment needs.

As many as you want! There is no technical limit and our record so far is just over 3k!

Each rental will come with up to 3 transmitters (for streaming 3 audio sources at once), a wireless microphone for each transmitter, and as many headphones as you need for your congregation!

Once your rental order has been processed, your silent listening box will be shipped right to your door a day or two before your event. The day after your rental ends, you'll pack the equipment back up, and ship it back to us using the prepaid label. It's that easy!

Rent Church Services & Event Package

Get ready to experience epic to a whole different level with this silent experience.

We ship to all 50 states and Canada. Submit the form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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