Silent Drive-In Live Performances

Turn any empty lot into a stage with our drive-in performance package.

Drive in concert

Epic live performance experience

Ready to host a live experience your audience will love? Bring the stage to any lot or field for a whole new kind of drive in. Premium wireless stereo headphones allow you to hear the audio the way it was meant to be heard. Park right next to the stage or enjoy the view from the back, and listen with your own personal volume controls.

Comfortable for the whole family and any age!

Personalized volume control for everyone.
Huge range (up to 5 football fields in length).
Won't disturb your neighbors. Unless you get a standing ovation.
Takes minutes to setup. Minimal cables and no speakers needed.
Multiple transmitters allow you to broadcast up to 3 live sound sources..
High audio fidelity with full stereo for an immersive audio experience.
Works anywhere! The possibilities are endless.

Additional Silent Experiences

Live Virtual DJ

Ready to elevate your remote team building experience? Give your team a way to celebrate from the comfort of their own home! You bring the team, we'll bring the party.

Conferences & Meetings

Gather your attendees anywhere to host conferences, workshops and multiple presentations in the same room.

Silent Movie Nights

A huge summer hit with families and friends alike. Throw up your favorite movie, game, or sporting event on a huge blow-up screen and enjoy a "silent" movie experience from your own backyard.

Silent Drive-In Live Performances FAQ

Hosting an outdoor drive-in experience is easy, getting the talent...well, that's up to you! Here are some things we recommend:

  1. An outdoor lot big enough to hold your crowd (think of a parking-lot layout).
  2. A stage for showcasing your talent, musicians, comedians, etc.
  3. Enough Party Headphones for each of your expected guests.
  4. Optional: Fireworks, lasers, smoke machines, and anything else to make the experience that much more memorable.

Up to 5 football fields in length. If your performance draws a bigger crowd than that, you likely have bigger problems on your hands than worrying about having enough headphones for your fans.

It's super easy! Just plug the transmitter into a power outlet, and plug the other end into the audio-out on your music-playing device. Turn on your headphones and you're good to go.

There is no special permit needed to use our equipment, as we broadcast over cleared Radio Frequencies. As for renting a drive-in lot, that part is completely up to you. 

Each rental will come with up to 3 transmitters (for broadcasting up to 3 audio sources at once), audio cables to connect to your mixer/source and as many headphones as you need. 

Once your rental order has been processed, your Party Headphones' box will be shipped right to your door a day before your event. You also have the option of getting it earlier if you want more time to test everything out. The day after your rental ends, you'll pack the equipment back up, and ship it back to us using the prepaid label. It's that easy!

Rent Silent Drive-In Live Performances Package

Your drive-in performance is about to get a whole lot more awesome!

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